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Goodbye Google Play All Access, Spotify is here to stay!

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A continuation of a previous post on music streaming services, although I have given Google Play All Access enough time to try and compete with Spotify, today sadly I have to say it's not worth the move.

Don't get me wrong, Google Play All Access is a great service and sports many great features. It took almost a year for the iOS app to come out, and I sort of was waiting for that to really see if it could replace Spotify. I picked up All Access when it was $7.99, and in an effort to save a whole $24 a year I hoped it would replace Spotify as my main music player. Sadly though the savings never turned me into an avid user.

Spotify just feels better. The overall user experience is more refined, and the user interface is just easier to use. I like supporting the underdog, even though Spotify is big, they are not Google big, and I really appreciate their ideals (so does Metallica for that matter). I use Spotify on my iPhone 5, my iPad 3, and all of my computers. Google All Access was available for all the same platforms. I had a huge library of playlists on Spotify, and I was able to transfer those to Google All Access to see if I could replace Spotify (although it wasn't easy).

Spotify Premium is still well worth the $9.99 a month. Their selection is top notch, their audio quality is fantastic, and if they can fix a few small bugs with playback on their iPad app it will be close enough to perfect.


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