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Effortless content management for small businesses and creators

Research, create, organize and schedule all your content in one place.

Running a business and managing content shouldn't be an impossible juggling act. The Content Compass is a Notion template designed to make content research, creation, organization, and scheduling straightforward and effective. It's built for small business teams, freelancers and solopreneurs who want to create better content, faster.

Screenshot of the Content compass Notion template for small business lead generation

Why Content Compass?

Research and plan with ease

Content Compass gives you a dedicated space to consolidate market research, competitive insights, key phrases for SEO, and creative inspiration, right where you plan and produce your content. This clever integration means you can easily reference your foundational research as you develop every piece of content.

Create content that resonates

Draft, edit, and finalize both long and short-form content within a single, unified space. From long-form articles to quick social media posts, Content Compass streamlines the whole process, helping you produce content that is clear, engaging, and always resonant.

Organize effortlessly

Say goodbye to scattered documents and disjointed workflows. Content Compass brings harmony to your content strategy, enabling you to link short and long-form pieces, categorize your work, and keep everything in the same place. This smart organization reduces the time from concept to publication, allowing you to focus less on managing and more on creating.

Schedule with precision

View your entire content calendar at a glance. Schedule, rearrange, plan ahead, and easily go back in time to find past work that's ripe for repurposing. The flexibility to adapt to new trends or audience needs will keep your content strategy dynamic and relevant. What you publish will always be on time, on brand.

Screenshot of the Content compass Notion template content scheduling for small business lead generation

Collaborate seamlessly

Whether you're on your own or part of a team, Content Compass facilitates easy collaboration whenever you need it. Share feedback, suggestions, and edits in real time, right from the same space where you're creating and organizing your content. Collaboration, without the chaos.

Adapt and grow

Content Compass is designed to flex and adapt, not just to where you are now but where you're headed. As your content strategy and team evolve, so too can your workspace. Add new research categories, adjust your content calendar, or refine your collaboration processes with ease.

Let's streamline your content process by helping you manage your research, creation, organization, and scheduling all in one place.

Buy the Content compass for $20.00


Nope! Content Compass works beautifully with Notion's free plan, which is quite generous. While Notion does offer premium plans with all sorts of bells and whistles, the free tier provides all the functionality you need to fully utilize Content Compass.

Getting started is simple. If you're already using Notion, integrating Content Compass into your workflow will be easy. And if you're new to Notion, we provide a quick start guide to help you get the most out of both tools right away.

Absolutely. Content Compass is adaptable and can be customized for any industry that relies on content for engagement and growth. It's designed to streamline your content strategy, regardless of your field.

Content Compass offers a holistic solution by integrating research, creation, organization, and scheduling into one space. This unified approach saves time and keeps your content strategy cohesive, setting it apart from tools that ask you to bounce around all over the place at different stages of the content process.

Yes, it's built for collaboration. Whether you're working solo or with a team, Content Compass facilitates smooth and efficient collaboration, allowing for real-time feedback and edits within the same workspace.

No limits here. Content Compass is scalable, designed to handle everything from a light and breezy content schedule to a robust, daily publishing strategy. It grows as you do, ensuring you're always organized.

Then Content Compass is your perfect starting point. It simplifies the entire content marketing process, from initial research and planning to creation, organization, and scheduling. With easy-to-follow structures and the ability to keep all your content efforts in one place, it completely demystifies content marketing.

Content Compass is as dynamic as your business needs it to be. Easily add new categories, tweak your calendar, or refine collaboration workflows as your strategy expands and shifts.

Just reach out! We use Content Compass religiously ourselves, so we're always here at the end of an email if you need a hand.

Due to the digital nature of Content Compass and its immediate delivery and use, we're unable to offer refunds. We 100% believe in the value it provides, and are here to support you in getting the most out of it.

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