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IMDb Watchlist

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IMDb is arguably the most useful database on the internet related to the subject. It has been, for many years, a resource I have consistently gone to whenever I got the proverbial,  "You remember that movie, with that guy, and that couch...".

For years though I never thought I never became a member because I never thought of a use for having an account with IMDb. Recently I thought to myself, "Well it would be nice to have an archive of movie's and TV shows I have seen.". Naturally I made an account thinking the IMDb Watchlist would be a useful tool for me to add things to watch and check them off. I did not know if IMDb went so far as to collect dates and times and though that might be a novel idea to keep track of my movie/TV show watching experiences.

I signed out and went to IMDb's description page, "Build Your Watchlist" which states,

"A Place To Keep Track Of The Movies And TV Shows You Want To Watch."

Okay, so a place to keep track of the movies and TV shows I want to watch... Well then what? Does the user experience fall after that? Surely that cannot be. I must be able to add the movie I watched to an archive where I can easily review what I have watched this month etc. Let's walk through this logical process (to me anyway) knowing I haven't read anything more than what I have posted here about IMDb's built in Watchlist.

  1. Login to
  2. Search for The Avengers
  3. Click "Watchlist" button
  4. Click down arrow next and "View Watchlist"

At this point I am brought to a page with a grid showing me The Avengers, and I would imagine other movies and TV shows if I added them. Actions I can see are, view showtimes, remove from watchlist, buy it on amazon (ooo, really? I had to click knowing it wouldn't be there yet since I am writing this and it's still in the theaters =), share it on social networks, rate it, review it, and export this list (which creates a CSV). What if I watched it, and want to archive it? Doesn't seem too straight forward.

I haven't had enough time to really explore IMDb to find a solution to this simple problem I have but it would appear I could create a new list of 'watched' movies and I can keep that list for myself. I have no idea if it will allow me to make date and time stamps for those occasions, and maybe I don't need that, but I think it would be novel to have a scrapbook of my movie and TV show watching experiences. =)

That being said, what would it take? I could see myself adding The Avengers like I did above, knowing I had seen it days before but only had time to do login now, going to my watchlist and seeing it just as I do now. But instead of moving it to another list, maybe another action button that says, "Watched". A special list appears that has a date and timestamp but allows me to change that for when I watched this move or TV show. Maybe this is too simple? Maybe this exists and I am just missing it! If the latter is the case please comment and let me know so I can update this post accordingly.


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