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Roly Poly Pils

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I am a fan of craft beer. There is no hiding this fact. Over the last few years I have taken a liking to a well balanced IPA. Despite my allure to Indian Pale Ales there are few variants I do not enjoy. There is nothing quite like enjoying a craft brew from a local brewery. There is a bit of intoxicated pride involved.

What we have here is a very special beer from River Horse Brewing Company called Roly Poly Pils. A delicious Pilsner that is refreshing, flavorful and easy to drink.

A complex balance of malts round out Czech Saaz and German Hallertau hops, followed by a clean and crisp finish. A classic Czech-style Pilsner, our Roly Poly Pils is a super drinkable and tasty year round beer! - 5.3%

This particular pilsner doesn't only appeal to the sense of taste. The visual senses are seduced by the branding. Chris Coddington Design of Flemington New Jersey artistry was judiciously commissioned to bring a playful and wobbly hippo to the package design. After a few of these pilsner's one may wish they too had a nice low center of gravity that will aid in an upright orientation.


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