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Thank you WP-Engine and WordCamp Philly

WordCamp Philly, WP-Engine, and me being pathetic

Don’t worry it’s not WP-Engine, nor WordCamp Philly which I just attended I am saying is pathetic, I am a passionate web designer and I am calling myself pathetic. Building custom web designs for small to medium sized law firms now for four years and it’s been over a year since my domain has had anything significant on it, it’s pathetic.

WordCamp Philly 2011

I participated in WordCamp Philly 2011 and overall was very pleased with the experience. I found free parking right outside of the paid parking, learned about everything from new WordPress hooks to responsive web design mock up ideas and how to deal with clients visions of responsive web. Met a few good people and met up with a few friends I haven’t seen in some time.

Start your WP-Engines!

When this baby hits 88MPH, your gonna see some serious shit

One of the fantastic sponsors of the event, WP-Engine, also gave away free lifetime hosting for each event holder. They boast faster and more responsive WordPress sites, and a bunch of features. They also have this handy dandy website performance analyzer one can use to analyze your site and see how much faster it will be on their service. I cannot thank them enough, it’s the kick in the rear I need because I have a lot to say and am looking to build a new site from the ground up.

What to expect

Roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?

Over the next few weeks or months I will start putting in place a theme that will start mobile first. By building this way I will have a small screen size to start with and build my way up. There will be a few different break points where I feel content needs to change to look best on the device one is on but there is only so much one can do.

Most of all this will be fun. I cannot wait to finally have a playground that I can spend some time in, a sandbox to mold things. There are a lot of ideas in this head and I will probably try a bunch of them for fun here. So let’s see how fast WP-Engine is! I will be testing performance as well considering I have been an evangelist for (mt) for a few years now. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Feel free to join me, this will be a dialog not a monologue so feel free to chat with me. =)


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