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Builders Trust Capital

Transforming Ashmore Partners into Builders Trust Capital, I realigned the brand with its foundational values of trust, stability, and transparency, better connecting them with their entrepreneurial clientele.

Who they are

Builders Trust Capital, originally Ashmore Partners, is a hard money lender focused on empowering entrepreneurs with financial solutions that are built on trust, stability, and transparency.

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What I did for them

I spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative, renaming the company, creating a new logo and branding style guide, and developing a custom website and marketing materials. This transformation was aimed at better communicating their values to both entrepreneurs and investors, aligning with their mission to facilitate growth and trust.

Small business owner smiling on a call with a customer
Initial sketches of the chosen logo for Builders Trust Capital showing the intentions for the three pilars Screenshot of the home page design for Builders Trust Capital Screenshot of the presentation for the new Builders Trust Capital logo in context on a sign and business cards Logo presentation of the Builders Trust Capital mark and logo type

The challenge

The challenge was to refresh the Ashmore Partners brand to one that deeply resonated with their target audience of entrepreneurs and investors, giving them an identity that showcased their values and stood out in the competitive financial space. My goal was to transform their existing brand into one that clearly conveyed their commitment to their client's success, across all physical and digital touch-points.

My approach

I began with deep dives into the company's ethos through group discovery sessions with the Ashmore Partners team. Knowing the aim was to realign their brand to connect with entrepreneurs and investors, it became clear that we'd need to choose a new name that better-embodied trust, stability, and transparency. Through detailed industry research and collaborative brainstorming, "Builders Trust Capital" was born - a name that perfectly mirrored its foundational principles.

From there, we mapped out a plan to develop a fresh logo, a comprehensive style guide, and plans for all the physical and digital collateral we'd need to bring this new identity to life.

The solution

In creating the new Builders Trust Capital identity, the solution needed to cover a lot of different touch-points. I started by collaborating closely with the team on developing a timeless logo that symbolized the renewed brand identity. This process was about creating a symbol that would stand the test of time across both digital and print mediums.

Small business owner smiling on a call with a customer

In tandem, our copywriter began crafting a voice that captured the essence of Builders Trust Capital, interviewing clients and associates to ensure our messaging was authentic and engaging. This foundational work then led into the development of a full style guide that detailed our color schemes, typography, and layout principles—blending modern vibrancy with the traditional solidity expected in the financial sector.

The digital transformation was next, grounded by a sharp, user-friendly website that was not only accessible but responsive across all devices. From wireframing in the browser to integrating live content for real-time feedback, I meticulously crafted each page to reflect the sophistication and clarity of the new brand. This ensured the site looked exceptional and gave a clean and elegant user experience for entrepreneurs and investors.

Small business owner smiling on a call with a customer

The results

Through this significant re-branding project, Builders Trust Capital successfully repositioned itself in the market, establishing a brand that stands out for its elegance, clarity and solidity. This transformation has opened doors to new partnerships, and significantly broadened the company's market reach.

New logo for Builders Trust Logo that reflects their brand substance, and their ideal customers

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